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Selecting and Storing Firewood

Not all firewood is created equal. If you have ever tried burning wood that is too green; too long for your fireplace or woodstove; or too full of bugs, detritus, or sap, you know this already! Firewood that you purchase from Ontario Firewood is guaranteed to be clean and ready to safely burn in your home.

Know the length you want your pieces of firewood to be before cutting or purchasing firewood for either your fireplace or woodstove. Typically the length for an indoor fire place is 12 and a woodstove 14. Check your grate.

Properly seasoned firewood eliminates the smoke associated with green wood as well as much of the bugs and detritus that you don't want brought into your home. But not everyone agrees what the term "properly seasoned" means. What you are really looking for is firewood that has been stacked in a sunny location (not just heaped in a pile!) so that air can freely circulate around the pieces and wood that has dried, ideally about a year.

Ontario Firewood stores their wood in racking and bulk piles. Allows for air to properly circulate.

Seasoned firewood is lighter in weight, darker on the outside, and has cracks and openings in the wood. If you look at seasoned an unseasoned wood side by side you can quickly see and feel the difference.

Your firewood, both as it seasons and as it awaits use outside your house, should be kept off the ground. When firewood has been allowed to season properly, much of the loose bark, which harbors both live and dead bugs as well as dust, has already fallen off. That means, when you bring it into your home for your fireplace or woodstove, you're not going to find as much loose detritus or as many unwelcome bugs.

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